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    Post by Yota V on Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:29 pm

    Color Atlas of Physiology (Color Atlas of Physiology ( Despopoulos))
    By Agamemnon Despopoulos, Stefan Silbernagl, Suzyon O'Neal Wandrey

    • Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
    • Number Of Pages: 432
    • Publication Date: 2003-02-26
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1588900614
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781588900616
    • Binding: Paperback

    Product Description:

    The 5th English edition has been thoroughly revised in terms of content
    and organization of the didactic material; almost all of the color
    illustrations have been drawn anew for improved clarity. The extensive
    introductory chapter focuses on aspects of cytophysiology. Owing to the
    considerably expanded text and improved illustrative material,
    functional connections are easily recognized; new concepts and current
    advances in research are taken fully into account. Main features are:
    General and cellular physiology; Nerve and muscle; Autonomic nervous
    system; Blood; respiration; Acid-base balance; Kidney salt and water
    balance; Heart and circulation; Thermal balance and thermoregulation;
    Nutrition and digestion; Hormonal control; Central nervous system and

    Summary: Great Resource
    Rating: 5

    I wish I would have bought this book earlier in my medical school
    career. Not only would it have helped for all the physiology sequences
    (cardiac, renal, etc) but it would have been helpful for histology,
    neuro,and endocrinology. The pictures are great and the explanations
    are uncomplicated. If you are a visual learner then I highly recommend
    this book. I am an endocrinology TA and have found it as a wonderful
    resource. I have the color atlas of immunology and have ordered the
    pathophysiology and pharmacolgy books by thieme as well.

    Summary: Excellent
    Rating: 5

    The same as I mentioned about the Color Atlas of Pharmacology, it's the
    best way to review Physiological functions in just one scheme for each
    topic. Totally recommended.

    Summary: #1 Guide to Physiology
    Rating: 5

    A very complete guide to physiology which can be used by researchers,
    graduate students and MD students alike with incredible detail included
    that may be beyond what is needed even. That makes it a great

    Its unbelievable that its in pocket handbook format.

    My top rated physiology books would be:

    Color atlas (this guide)
    Applied Surgical Physiology Vivas (+ Critical Care Edition) (Kanani)
    Berne and Levy

    In that order exactly.

    Back to the book:

    Invaluable and truly an amazing, complete and extremely detailed carry-around reference.

    Summary: Can't live without it.
    Rating: 5

    This and it's companion book on Pathophysiology are the best
    investments I have made since entering medical school. The
    illustrations are great (and the diagrams set a standard that neither
    Guyton or Boron and Boulep can match) , but it's Silbernagl's
    presentation that makes them so amazing. I'm constantly finding new
    layers of information that I missed even after 4 or 5 passes. Buy Boron
    for this year's theories and break throughs, but this is the book you
    will be returning to.

    Summary: state-of-the-art
    Rating: 5

    What makes this book a state-of-the-art is not its content, but the
    manner in which it's presented. Each subject only occupies one page of
    text, & opposite is a page for illustrations. But it's not the
    illustrations that explains the text, but rather the text that explains
    the illustrations (a method created by Leonardo da Vinci). This not
    only helps in recalling of the subject, but also helps in sustaining an
    interest in it. An ingenious beautiful book.

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