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    Marzulli and Maibach's Dermatotoxicology, 7th Edition


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    default Marzulli and Maibach's Dermatotoxicology, 7th Edition

    Post by RianSyah on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:28 pm

    Marzulli and Maibach's Dermatotoxicology, 7th Edition
    CRC | ISBN: 0849397731 | Edition - 2007-11-26 | PDF | 1048 pages | 13.4 MB |

    Reflecting the embryonic state of the field, the first edition of
    Dermatoxicology, published in 1977, numbered 567 pages. Now the
    foundational reference in dermal toxicology, this seventh edition
    consists of 1,032 pages and defines what was once a largely intuitive
    field but has evolved into an established science of metrics and
    mechanisms. Updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments,
    the seventh edition includes fundamental information on the mechanisms
    of action of toxic substances on the skin and practical information on
    the many methods for evaluating dermal toxicity. Unparalleled in its
    coverage and broad in scope, with the addition of 34 new chapters, this
    volume keeps pace with the expanding science. A perennial bestseller,
    this definitive text explores the latest developments in the field.
    With contributions from leading international experts, it continues the
    tradition of providing unsurpassed theoretical and practical guidance.

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